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Rescuing Our Friend Anova


This picture is of our dog Anova, taken a day before we adopted her from the pound. She was scared and so thin that you could see her ribs poking out. Looking at her then, you wouldn’t think she was the same dog we have today.

We didn’t know much about Anova when we brought her home. She seemed friendly when we met her at the pound and there was a note on her info card saying she was a sweet girl. That was about all we had to go on aside from her silvery coat and ice blue eyes. She was nervous and sick when she came home, as well as being lethargic from her recent spaying. But as time went on and she regained health and became more comfortable, we got to know her sweet, goofy personality.

Anova is a very affectionate, cuddly dog. If you’re sitting on the couch or the floor, she doesn’t hesitate to snuggle up next to you and bask in your love. She is also a goofball. It’s not uncommon to see her laying bellyup and displaying what we have dubbed her “fangly face,” where she has a single tooth poking out. She only seems to do this when she’s feeling relaxed and totally at ease. When she’s running, she runs with uninhibited joy. She likes to bounce around a lot when she plays, and in general she’s just a happy girl. When we first brought her home, we noticed she always greeted us with snorts. We thought this was just because she was sick and congested, but the snorts continued after she was healthy. To this day she graces us with her snorts of joy whenever she’s excited. It cracks me up every time.

She also loves people, especially children. She can get over-exhuberant when playing with adults, but she’s always calm and gentle with kids. I enjoyed watching her with my 1-year-old nephew the other day as he would toddle over to her, pat her rapidly and make baby babble at her, and then run squealing in the opposite direction so she would chase him. She would follow, and then lick him to pieces when she caught up with him, which caused more delighted squeals. She loves kids, and they love her.

No dog is perfect, of course. When we first got Anova she wasn‘t fully out of that puppy phase, and a lot of material possessions and landscaping met their demise at her paws. However, I don’t regret rescuing her for one moment. She’s a good dog and I’m happy to have her in our home. I think back to the way she was at the pound and how sad it would have been for such a happy, people-loving animal to stay in a cold, damp, lonely place. It could have even been the place where her life ended. I’m so happy that we brought her home with us. 

If you’re looking for a new furry friend, I highly recommend checking out pounds, shelters, and rescues first. Chances are you’re going to fall in love. We went looking for a small dog, but came home with 58 pound Anova (who was actually only 38 pounds when we got her). So you may not find what you’re expecting, but I can almost guarantee you you’ll find a pet you’ll want to take home. Some people think you can’t find a good pet at the pound, but this simply isn’t true. There are many good animals there, especially in this poor economy where people are dropping off animals they can’t afford anymore. Saving an animal is rewarding, especially when you see what a turnaround they make when they have a loving home again. So…do it! 🙂 Image


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  1. That’s how we ended up with 6 cats. Yes, it’s a lot to some, however when they have all been separate rescues, and and unwanted litters sometimes you have to help 🙂


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